With the UK having left the European Union, I thought it might be useful to produce an FAQ for international customers of the site to hopefully answer any questions you may have. I will update this as the year goes on when more is known.

As the UK has left the EU, what has changed?

Right now, nothing; the UK is in a transition period until the end of 2020, hopefully giving enough time for new trade deals to be made.

What is the likely outcome of a deal?

This is hard to predict at the moment, but the government have made it pretty clear that they do not want to be a part of the customs union, which is certainly have a big effect on orders placed on the site.

How will leaving the customs union affect me?

If you’re in an EU country and you place an order on the site, you may be affected in a number of ways:

  • Your order may be subject to customs charges. I would recommend finding out what the limit is where you are, as it can vary greatly from country to country. You may wish to keep future orders small to come under this limit and avoid the charges. I’m not prepared to fraudulently mark down the value of an order in a bid to avoid charges.
  • Your order may take longer to arrive due to the additional checks required on parcels travelling from the UK to the EU.
  • Postage costs are likely to increase. Currently, it’s cheaper to post parcels to most EU countries compared with other non-EU countries in Europe, but next year, I would expect that to change.

I live outside of the UK and the EU – will I be affected?

You shouldn’t be, but this will probably depend on how swiftly new deals are negotiated. If the process goes very badly, there could be delays to shipping generally if there are bottlenecks and delays, but fingers crossed, nothing will change


I’ve been a big fan of the UK being part of the European Union and it’s a shame that Brexit has happened. A large percentage of the orders made on this site go to European countries and it’s introduced me to some great people. If the UK make a poor deal or no deal at all, the money coming into to the website could drop off greatly, which could ultimately affect the future of the website, but I will have to see how the next few years go. Fingers crossed, ConsoleMAD will survive!