With the number of items that come and go from month to month, I’m often left with assorted empty game boxes or manuals that have no game to go with them. Rather than just hiding everything in a drawer somewhere, I thought it might be useful to list them on the site in case someone else might need them. If you see something below that you’re particular interested in, just drop me a line with a sensible offer or a request for a photo of the item, and I’ll see what I can do.

4 Wheel ThunderDreamcastYesYes
Power StoneDreamcastYes
Worms ArmageddonDreamcastYesYes
Trick StyleDreamcastYesYes
Sonic AdventureDreamcastYesYes
ECW Hardcore RevolutionDreamcastYesYes
The Incredibles - Rise of the UnderminerDSYesYes
Top Spin 2DSYesYes
The Chronicles of NarniaDSYesYes
Mario Kart DSDSYesYes
Wario Land (JP)Game BoyYesYes
Game Boy Gallery 2 (JP)Game BoyYesYes
Power Pro Kun Pocket (JP)Game BoyYesYes
The Flintstones - Big Trouble in BedrockGame Boy AdvanceYesYes
DriverGame Boy ColorYesYes
Tom and Jerry - The MovieGame GearYes
Sonic the Hedgehog - Triple TroubleGame GearYes
Baku BakuGame GearYes
Land of Illusion starring Mickey MouseGame GearYes
Wonder BoyGame GearYes
Sonic the Hedgehog - Triple TroubleGame GearYes
Game Gear Manual x 6Game GearYes
Desert StrikeGame GearYes
Micro Machines 2 - Turbo TournamentGame GearYes
Pete Sampras TennisGame GearYes
Casino FunPakGame Gear (US)Yes
G-LocGame Gear (US)Yes
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!GamecubeYes
Spider-Man 2GamecubeYesYes
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!GamecubeYes
Metroid FusionGBAYesYes
Rescue MissionMaster SystemYes
Scramble SpiritsMaster SystemYes
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster SystemYes
Streets of RageMaster SystemYes
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldMaster SystemYes
SpeedballMaster SystemYes
Golvellius - Valley of DoomMaster SystemYes
Sonic the HedgehogMaster SystemYes
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Master SystemYes
World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald DuckMega DriveYes
The ImmortalMega DriveYes
LemmingsMega DriveYes
Super Hang-OnMega DriveYes
Micro Machines 2 - Turbo TournamentMega DriveYes
Streets of Rage IIMega DriveYes
Davis Cup World TourMega DriveYes
Lotus Turbo ChallengeMega DriveYesYes
Ms. Pac-ManMega DriveYesYes
Super Hang-OnMega DriveYes
ColumnsMega DriveYes
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Mega DriveYes
Olympic GoldMega DriveYesYes
Empire of SteelMega DriveYes
ZoolMega DriveYes
Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey JrN64Yes
FIFA Football 2005N-GageYesYes
Lego Star Wars II - The Original TrilogyPS2YesYes
Monster Hunter Freedom UnitePSPYesYes
ModNation RacersPSPYesYes
Everybody's Golf 2PSPYesYes
Gangs of LondonPSPYesYes
Sega Ages Vol. 1SaturnYesYes
Robotica - Cybernation RevoltSaturnYes
Virtua Fighter 2SaturnYesYes
FIFA 96SaturnYesYes
Destruction DerbySaturnYesYes
UEFA Euro 96SaturnYesYes
T2 - The Arcade GameSNESYes
Kick OffSNESYes
Donkey Kong Country 3SNESYes
NHLPA Hockey 93SNESYes
Super Mario All-StarsSNESYes
Super Mario WorldSNESYes
Street Fighter IISNESYes
Bugs Bunny - Rabbit RampageSNESYes
Street Fighter IISuper FamicomYes
Just DanceWiiYesYes
Forza MotorsportXboxYesYes
Ghost Recon 2XboxYes
Sid Meier's Pirates!XboxYesYes
The Legend Of Zelda - A Link to the PastSNESSecrets Booklet
Virtua Fighter 2SaturnYesYes