December 2017 Update – Part Two


A small update to finish the year off. I’ll still be adding a few bits and bobs over the Christmas period as I still have lots of consoles and accessories to test, but I’ll be adding them as I go, rather than doing a full update. So before I list the additions, I would just like to say thank you to all visitors to the site – your kind words keep me motivated to find and add more games and consoles and I’m sure that 2018 will be no different. So, have a good Christmas and New Year and I will be back with the next update in January. 🙂 

Today’s additions are –

Japanese Dreamcast Games

Fighting Vipers 2

UK Dreamcast Games

Army Men – Sarge’s Heroes
Bust-A-Move 4
ChuChu Rocket
Ecco The Dolphin – Defender Of The Future
Fur Fighters
Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Rayman 2 – The Great Escape
Red Dog
Sega GT
Sega Rally Championship 2
Soldier Of Fortune
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
Super Runabout
Tomb Raider – The Last Revelation
Virtua Fighter 3tb
WWF Royal Rumble
Worms Armageddon

UK Game Boy Games

F-15 Strike Eagle
Kirby’s Pinball Land
Monster Max
Pinball Fantasies
T2 – The Arcade Game
Tip Off

UK Gamecube Games

Dragonball Z – Budokai
Mario Kart Double Dash!!
Soul Calibur II
Viewtiful Joe

UK Mega CD Games

Earthworm Jim – Special Edition
Eye Of The Beholder
Prince Of Persia
Soul Star

UK Mega Drive Games

Bubsy In Claws Encounters Of The Furred Kind
Cannon Fodder
Cool Spot
Demolition Man
Ecco The Dolphin
Ghouls ‘N Ghosts
Jungle Strike
Mickey Mania
Sonic The Hedgehog
Urban Strike

UK Playstation Games

Command & Conquer – Retaliation
Syphon Filter 2

UK Saturn Games

Clockwork Knight
Clockwork Knight 2
Manx TT Superbike
Resident Evil
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Racing

US Dreamcast Games

Prince Of Persia – Arabian Nights
Sega Smashpack – Volume 1

US Game Boy Games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II – Back From The Sewers