No update this week…sorry!


As I’ve been pretty much adding new updates weekly of late, I know that a few dedicated visitors to the site regularly check the news page for updates. For a change, I’m giving myself this weekend off, so I thought it only polite to let you all know. I’ll still be adding stuff to the site in preparation for an update next weekend, but it means I can spread the work out and not rush. After all, I have a lot of untested consoles lying around now that I need to organise and get added to the site, and this weekend might be a good opportunity to get that done.

Also, a couple of things I should mention –

  • Something I forgot to mention last week was that I’ve added a new page for clearance items. It’s just a simple page that aggregates all the sale items from each category, but might be handy if you want to grab a discounted game or two. I’ll be adding more items to this page as I go.
  • As we’re getting into winter here in the UK, there will be an increasing chance that the weather could slow down deliveries, not to mention the busy period for Christmas post too. Please bear this mind when ordering – I will continue to try and post orders the next day (or sometimes the same day, depending on what time the order is placed), depending on my work schedule, but if the weather gets particularly bad, it might slip a day or two. Not much I can do about it, really. 🙂

In the meantime, have a good weekend, and I hope you’ll enjoy the games and consoles I’ll have lined up for next week instead.