November 2017 Update – Part Two

John PhillipsNews

The second update for November sees another 133 items added to the site, including Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and Super CD-ROM games.

Here’s the full list of additions –

Atari Lynx Games

Scrapyard Dog

Dreamcast Hardware

Sega Dreamcast Mouse
Sega Dreamcast Vibration Pack

Genesis Games

Al Michaels Announces HardBall III
Bill Walsh College Football 95
Bulls Versus Blazers And The NBA Playoffs
College Football USA 96
College Football USA 97
College Football’s National Championship II
F22 Interceptor
FIFA International Soccer
Family Feud
Greendog – The Beached Surfer Dude!
HardBall ’94
Joe Montana Football
John Madden Football ’93
Jungle Book, The
Jungle Strike
LHX Attack Chopper
M-1 Abrams Battle Tank
Madden 94
Madden 95
Madden 96
Mario Lemieux Hockey
NBA Showdown ’94
NFL ’95
NHL ’94
NHL Hockey
NHLPA Hockey ’93
PGA Tour Golf
PGA Tour Golf II
Pat Riley Basketball
Sonic Spinball
Sonic Spinball
Sonic Spinball
Sports Talk Football ’93 Starring Joe Montana
Super Hang-On
Super High Impact
Team USA Basketball
Team USA Basketball
Tony La Russa Baseball
Unnecessary Roughness ’95
Winter Challenge

N64 Hardware

Official Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak

Super CD-ROM

Cobra: Kokuryū-Ō no Densetsu
Digital Comic Patlabor: Chapter of Griffon
Galaxy Fräulein Yuna 2
Sotsugyō II
Super CD-ROM² Taiken Soft Shū
Tanjō: Debut
Top o Nerae! GunBuster Vol. 1
Top o Nerae! GunBuster Vol. 2
Yawara! 2

UK DS Games

Advance Wars – Dark Conflict
Dragon Quest IX – Sentinels Of The Starry Skies
Final Fantasy – Crystal Chronicles – Ring Of Fates
Goldeneye – Rogue Agent
Lunar – Genesis
My Sims – Kingdom
Resident Evil – Deadly Silence
Super Mario 64 DS

UK Dreamcast Games

Capcom Vs. SNK
Confidential Mission
Crazy Taxi
F355 Challenge – Passione Rossa
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Power Stone 2
Resident Evil – CODE: Veronica
Sega Bass Fishing
Soul Calibur
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Virtua Tennis
Virtua Tennis 2
Zombie Revenge

UK Mega Drive Games

EA Sports Double Header
FIFA International Soccer
Mega Bomberman
Mega Games 2
Mega Games I
Olympic Gold
PGA European Tour
Premier Manager
Sensible Soccer – European Champions
Streets Of Rage
Terminator, The
Tiny Toon Adventures – Buster’s Hidden Treasure

UK N64 Games

1080 Snowboarding
Body Harvest
Bomberman Hero
Donkey Kong 64
F-1 World Grand Prix
Gauntlet Legends
International Superstar Soccer 98
Kobe Bryant In NBA Courtside
Magical Tetris Challenge
Mario Golf
New Tetris, The
Space Station Silicon Valley
Top Gear Rally
Turok – Rage Wars
Worms Armageddon

UK Playstation 2 Games

Area 51
Buzz! The Music Quiz
Call Of Duty – Big Red One
Final Fantasy X-2
Panzer Elite Action – Fields Of Glory
Rayman 3 – Hoodlum Havoc
Sega Superstars
Tomb Raider – The Angel Of Darkness
Wipeout Fusion

UK Playstation Games

Final Fantasy VIII

UK Xbox Games

Sonic Mega Collection Plus

US Game Boy Games

Balloon Kid
Bart Simpson’s Escape From Camp Deadly
Bases Loaded
Castlevania Adventure, The
Disney’s Duck Tales
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Fall Of The Foot Clan
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II – Back From The Sewers