Amiga 500 Computer Bundle


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I usually only really sell consoles on this site, so this is a rare exception. As old Amiga computers can be a little temperamental and need some extra TLC compared to consoles, I would recommend this computer to those with some prior knowledge of Amiga computers and their quirks – particularly as the machines age, they may be in need of having their capacitors replaced. That being said, this computer is in good condition for its age and all the recent Amiga games I’ve added to the website were tested on this computer with no issues at all.

You can see from the photos that a memory upgrade is installed and that it seems that the warranty seal hasn’t been fully broken, so I assume no-one has been inside the computer. Everything you should need to get up and running is included, although I unfortunately don’t have any Workbench disks available to include with it, but for gaming, this computer is ready to go.

Includes –

  • Amiga 500 Computer – yellowed, but tested and working fine. This is the older version with the red power LED
  • Official UK Power Supply
  • RF Modulator – I’ve included some AV cables to avoid the need for using the RF connection
  • Sega Mega Drive Controller
  • Trackball Controller – a better alternative than the old ‘tank’ style mouse, but you may still want to look to upgrading to an optical mouse at some point
  • Manual – very tatty
  • Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker – Includes Box (tatty), Game Disk, Instructions, Snooker Rules and Poster
Due to its weight, I am currently unable to ship this item outside of the EU, due to the prohibitive costs involved... sorry!