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Due to the vintage nature of Amiga/Atari disks, it can be hard to test them fully, particularly those titles that span multiple disks. However, this item has been at least tested to load up to the starting screen, if not further.

Although both games load up to the loading screen fine every time, when the game starts, the screen is not displayed correctly and the game crashes when the first shot is displayed. As both games crash in the same way at the same point, it might be that the games require Kickstart 1.2 rather than Kickstart 1.3. I’m selling this as faulty in case someone wants the other items in the box.

Includes –

  • Box – a little worn at the edges
  • Instructions
  • Club & Power Snap Indicator
  • Course Diagrams
  • Score Cards – some of these have already been used
  • Game Disks