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This is a NES clone that plays US/PAL NES games. The box refers to US games only, but I’ve tested it with PAL games and they play fine too. As this is an unofficial product, 100% compatibility with all NES games cannot be guaranteed. Unlike other clones that have HDMI output, this one only has AV output, which means that although the image is not as sharp as HD, it means that lightgun games are supported when used with a suitable television – LCD/Plasma televisions will not work, but older-style CRT televisions will. Also, this console supports original controllers too, so you can use NES controllers and Zappers if you have them.

Includes –

  • Box – minor wear at the edges but includes inner plastic
  • Retroad TV Game Console – tested and working
  • Two Controllers
  • Zapp Light Gun
  • UK Power Supply
  • AV Cable