Datel Gamebooster


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  • Enables you to play Nintendo Game Boy (not Color or later) games on a Nintendo 64 by inserting them into the top of the Gamebooster.
  • Unboxed
  • Peeling label
  • Includes International Superstar Soccer 64

It’s only fair to point out that the Gamebooster is not very good – it’s more of a collectable than something you’d use for very long. The official Super Game Boy for the SNES does a much better job. However, if you really want to play Game Boy games on your Nintendo 64, then this just about does the job! It does have some flaws though –

  • It doesn’t emulate the Game Boy sound, so instead of any in-game sound and music from your Game Boy games, you’ll just hear a rather repetitive tune
  • It requires that another Nintendo 64 cartridge be plugged in the back (see photo) for it to work. However, not all cartridges are compatible, so I’ve included ISS 64 as this is one that works