Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set


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A couple of things to note with this item:

  1. As the NES is known for being rather fussy with its cartridges, it’s important that the contacts of the games you use with the console are clean or the games may not load first time. The bundled Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cartridge loaded up first time along with others that I tried, but should you encounter any issues, you may want to clean your games’ cartridges contacts with a little rubbing alcohol.
  2. The light gun that is included in this set is only compatible with the older CRT televisions and will not work with modern LCD screens. As such, I’ve been unable to test the gun out, but it is believed to be working.

Includes –

  • Box – worn at the edges, but generally in good condition and includes both polystyrene inners (although there is a little damage here and there to those)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System Console – yellowed and a little scruffy, but tested and working
  • Official UK Power Supply
  • 2 x Official Controllers
  • RF Cable
  • AV Cable (this wasn’t originally included but I’ve added it as an extra to save tuning your TV to use RF)
  • Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt Game Cartridge – cartridge only.

Unfortunately the console’s instructions are missing.

Due to its weight, I am currently unable to ship this item outside of the EU, due to the prohibitive costs involved... sorry!