With more and more retro games sites popping up all over the world, gamers are spoilt for choice. Here are a few reasons that make ConsoleMAD stand out from the crowd

  • Realistic Pricing

    While some sites will often inflate their places to take advantage of the popularity of certain brands, like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda etc, I try to keep the prices on ConsoleMAD as fair as I can, taking into account the cost of purchasing the item and the ease with which I can replace it should it be sold.

  • Accurate Photographs & Descriptions

    All photographs and descriptions on the site are of the actual items for sale. If I have two of one item and there is a physical difference between the two, they will be listed separately, each with its own description and photograph. However, if you need more detail prior to making a purchase, I'm happy to provide further information.

  • Technical advice

    Having problems getting a game working? Want to know what the right replacement lead is for your console? If I can help, I will, and if I can't, I'll be happy to point you in the right direction of someone who can.

  • Fair Postage Costs

    At ConsoleMAD, postage prices are determined purely on the weight of the item(s) being ordered, plus a little extra to cover the cost of the packaging materials required to ship your items safely. Heavier items are sent via courier to provide further cost savings and additional peace of mind with parcel tracking.

  • Friendly Service

    I strive to be as helpful as I can to users of the site. I will always do my best to ensure all questions are answered prior to someone making an order and providing extra detail on a product if required. Need an extra photo of an item to ensure it's the right one for you? No problem.. just drop me a line!

So if you're looking to buy retro games and need an online shop you can trust, then hopefully ConsoleMAD can become your new go-to resource.