22nd April 2022 / Latest Updates

For the second update of the month, I’ve added another 108 items, including PSP, Super Famicom and Game Gear games.

Here are the new additions:

Game Boy Hardware

Official Nintendo Game Boy Carry Case

Game Gear Hardware

FAULTY Sega Game Gear Console
Official Sega Game Gear Protective Cartridge Case

MSX Hardware

FAULTY Toshiba MSX Home Computer HX-10

N64 Hardware

N64 To HDMI Adapter
Nintendo 64 Console With Official Memory Expansion Pak

PC Games

Steam Link

PSP Games

300: March To Glory
Burnout Legends
Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz
Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku
Everybody’s Golf 2
Football Manager Handheld
Football Manager Handheld 2010
G.I. Joe – The Rise Of Cobra
Guilty Gear Judgment
King Of Pool
Michael Jackson – The Experience
Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Need For Speed ProStreet
Passport To… Barcelona
Passport To… Prague
Passport To… Rome
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
Resistance: Retribution
Star Wars Battlefront II
Super Monkey Ball Adventure
Syphon Filter – Dark Mirror
Tekken – Dark Resurrection
WipEout Pure
WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2007

Super Famicom Games

Big Run – The Supreme 4WD Challenge
Crayon Shin-chan – Arashi wo Yobu Enji
Crayon Shin-chan – Arashi wo Yobu Enji
Derby Stallion 96
Derby Stallion III
Derby Stallion III
Dragon Ball Z – Super Butouden
Dragon Ball Z – Super Butouden
Dragon Ball Z – Super Butouden 2
Dragon Ball Z – Super Butouden 2
Dragon Quest VI – Maboroshi no Daichi
Dragon Slayer – Eiyuu Densetsu
Final Fantasy IV
From TV Animation Slam Dunk – Shikyou Gekitotsu!!
Hakunetsu Pro Yakyuu – Ganba League
Honke Sankyo Fever Jikki Simulation 2
J.League Soccer: Prime Goal
Jikkyou World Soccer – Perfect Eleven
Kabuki Chou Reach Mahjong
Koushien 4
Mini Shiku Shining Scorpion – Ready & Go!!
Pro Yakyuu Star
Ranma 1/2 – Chounai Gekitou Hen
SD Gundam Gaiden – Knight Gundam Monogatari – Ooinaru Isan
Space Invaders
Star Fox
Street Fighter II
Super Black Bass
Super Fire Pro Wrestling X
Super Kyousouba – Kaze no Sylphid
Super Mahjong 2 – Honkaku 4 Nin Uchi!
Super Okuman Chouja Game – The Game of Billionaire
Super Professional Baseball
Ultra Baseball Jitsumei Ban 3
World Soccer
Yuu Yuu Hakusho

UK Game Boy Color Games

Disney’s Tarzan

UK Game Boy Games

Donkey Kong Land
Dr. Mario
Jurassic Park
Kirby’s Dream Land
Mario & Yoshi
Pokemon – Silver Version – DEAD BATTERY
Pokemon Trading Card Game – DEAD BATTERY
Star Wars
Street Fighter II
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins
Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins
Tetris 2

UK Game Gear Games

Batman Returns
Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Ecco The Dolphin
Fantasy Zone
George Foreman’s KO Boxing
Global Gladiators
James Pond 2 – Codename: Robocod
Jurassic Park
Land Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Ninja Gaiden
Streets Of Rage
T2 – Terminator 2 – Judgment Day
Terminator, The

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