29th July 2022 / Latest Updates

Although I hadn’t planned on another update this month, I’ve caught up on some of my backlog, so I’ve compiled another update of 104 items, including PSP, Game Gear and US Nintendo 64 games.

Here is the list of new additions:

C64 Cartridges

International Soccer

CD-I Games

Caesars World of Gambling

Master System Hardware

Sega Master System II Console

Mega Drive Hardware

FAULTY Sega Mega Drive II Console
Official Sega Mega Drive Controller
Sega Mega Drive Arcade Power Stick

N64 Hardware

Official Nintendo 64 Controller – Blue
Official Nintendo 64 Controller – Grey
Official Nintendo 64 Controller – Red

PC Engine Games and Consoles

Appare! Gateball
Gai Flame
Kato-Chan Ken-Chan
Sengoku Mahjong

PSP Games

Atari Classics Evolved
ATV Offroad Fury – Blazin’ Trails
Bubble Bobble Evolution
Capcom Puzzle World
Colin McRae Dirt 2
Every Extend Extra
Ghotsbusters – The Video Game
Gottlieb Pinball Classics
Gran Turismo
Mercury Meltdown
MotorStorm – Arctic Edge
MotorStorm – Arctic Edge (Copy)
Namco Museum – Battle Collection
Need For Speed – Undercover
Pirates Of The Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest
Puyo Pop Fever
Puzzle Chronicles
Ridge Racer 2
Sega Mega Drive Collection
SSX On Tour
Taito Legends – Power-Up
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
Viewtiful Joe – Red Hot Rumble
Wipeout Pulse
World Snooker Challenge 2005
World Tour Soccer – Challenge Edition

Super Famicom Games

Street Fighter II

UK Game Boy Color Games

Bugs Bunny In Crazy Castle 4
Disney’s Dinosaur
Disney’s The Jungle Book – Mowgli’s Wild Adventure
Spy Vs Spy
Tweenies – Doodles’ Bones

UK Game Gear Games

Ax Battler – A Legend Of Golden Axe
Chuck Rock
Ecco – The Tides Of Time
Pete Sampras Tennis
Quest for the Shaven Yak Starring Ren Ho√ęk and Stimpy
Sonic Drift Racing
Sonic The Hedgehog Chaos
Super Kick Off
World Cup USA 94

UK Gamecube Games

Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg
Metroid Prime
Star Wars – Rebel Strike – Rogue Squadron III
Starfox Adventures

UK Master System Games

Assault City
Enduro Racer
Outrun Europa
Super Smash T.V.
World Grand Prix

UK Mega Drive Games

Decap Attack
EA Hockey
Eternal Champions
FIFA International Soccer
Greendog – The Beached Surfer Dude!
John Madden Football
Mega Games 6
Mickey Mania
T2 – The Arcade Game
Taz In Escape From Mars

UK Playstation 2 Games

Buzz! The Mega Quiz & Buzz Controllers


David Crane’s Amazing Tennis
John Madden Football ’93
Super Mario All-Stars
WWF Super Wrestlemania


Little Nemo – The Dream Master
Power Blade

US N64 Games

F-Zero X
International Superstar Soccer ’98
International Superstar Soccer 64
Legend Of Zelda, The – Ocarina Of Time
Mace – The Dark Age
Mario Kart 64
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
NFL Quarterback Club 98
Pilotwings 64
Starfox 64
Super Mario 64
Wave Race 64

If you would like to view the items from the latest update as images, click here.
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