1st June 2018 / Latest Updates

Some of you may have noticed that the site was down for a while yesterday and today, which was due to a major outage at the web hosting company I use. They’ve put in a temporary fix for now, which is why the site is back up, but it may go down again over the course of the weekend, so apologies in advance if that happens. 

As a result of this, I’ve decided not to do a full update this weekend and will save some of the work for next weekend instead; however, I hare are still 49 additions. I’ve also decided to keep the £5 off £50 and £10 off £100 coupon codes going for another month as they seemed quite popular. One final thing – I will be unable to post any orders out on Monday, so there may be a slight delay on anything that I don’t get to post out over the weekend.

Anyway, here is the list of additions –

3DS Hardware

Nintendo 3DS Console – Aqua Blue

Game Boy Hardware

Game Boy Plastic Cartridge Case

Mega Drive Hardware

Hamy 3-In-1 Console

N64 Hardware

Nintendo 64 Console – Star Wars – Episode I – Racer – Limited Edition Set

Saturn Hardware

Official Mark II Sega Saturn Controller
Sega Saturn 6-Player Adaptor
Sega Saturn Console
Sega Saturn Controller – Skeleton
Sega Saturn Controller Extension Cable
Sega Saturn Official RF Unit

UK Game Boy Games

Bart Simpson’s Escape From Camp Deadly
Burai Fighter Deluxe
Double Dragon

UK Gamecube Games

Luigi’s Mansion
Mario Kart – Double Dash!!
Resident Evil Zero
Star Wars – Jedi Outcast – Jedi Knight II

UK Mega Drive Games

Newman Haas Indycar Featuring Nigel Mansell

UK Playstation 2 Games

Age Of Empires II – The Age Of Kings
Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance
Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance II
Beyond Good & Evil
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X
Forbidden Siren 2
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
Jurassic Park – Operation Genesis
Kessen II
Metal Gear Solid 2 – Sons Of Liberty
Ridge Racer V
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Sims, The
Sims, The

UK Playstation Games

Civilization II
Command & Conquer – Retaliation
Theme Park World

UK Wii Games

Wii Sports Resort

US Game Boy Games

Missile Command

US NES Games

R.B.I. Baseball 2
Road Runner
Rolling Thunder
Super Sprint

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