28th June 2024 / Latest Updates

For the third update of the month, I’ve added another 96 items, including NES, Game Boy and Nintendo 64 games.

Here are the new additions:

Japanese Sega Mega Drive Games

BOOTLEG Golden 10 In 1

Mattel Intellivision

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Armor Battle
Space Hawk
Star Strike
Sub Hunt
Tron – Deadly Discs

Other Sony

Official Sony Playstation Disc Storage Case

Sega Dreamcast Hardware

Official Sega Dreamcast Controller
Official Sega Dreamcast Controller
Official Sega Dreamcast Controller
Official Sega Dreamcast RF Unit
Sega Dreamcast AV Cable

Sega Genesis Games

Batman Forever

Sony Strategy Guides

Perfect Dark – Prima’s Official Strategy Guide

UK Nintendo 64 Games

Duke Nukem – Zero Hour
Fighters Destiny
Flying Dragon
Mission: Impossible
NBA Pro 98
Star Wars – Shadows Of The Empire
Turok – Dinosaur Hunter
Wave Race 64
World Cup 98

UK Nintendo Game Boy Advance Games

Crash Bandicoot XS
Disney Princess
James Pond – Codename Robocod
Mario & Luigi – Superstar Saga
NES Classics – Pac-Man
Rayman Advance
Sonic Advance
Sonic Advance
Sonic Pinball Party
Super Mario World – Super Mario Advance 2
Treasure Planet
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

UK Nintendo Game Boy Color Games

Bugs Bunny In Crazy Castle 4

UK Nintendo Game Boy Games

Amazing Spider-Man, The
Balloon Kid
Blues Brothers, The
Chase H.Q.
Double Dragon
Double Dragon
Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario
F-15 Strike Eagle
Game & Watch Gallery 2
Home Alone
Hunt For Red October, The
King Of The Ring
Pac-Man Special Colour Edition
Pinball Dreams
Pitfall – Beyond The Jungle
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins
WWF War Zone

UK Sega Game Gear Games

Out Run

UK Sega Mega Drive Games

Disney Collection, The
James Pond 3: Operation Starfish
Mega Games I
Micro Machines 2 – Turbo Tournament
Sonic 3
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Toki – Going Ape Spit

UK Super Nintendo Games

Lost Vikings, The

UK/PAL Nintendo Entertainment System Games

Bugs Bunny Blowout, The
Mission: Impossible
Simpsons, The – Bart Vs. The World
Super Mario Bros. 3
T2 – Terminator 2 – Judgment Day
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Wrath Of The Black Manta
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge

US Nintendo Game Boy Advance Games

Ed, Edd N Eddy: Jawbreakers!

US Nintendo Game Boy Games

WWF Superstars

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