17th November 2018 / Latest Updates

This week’s update is real mixture of formats. 88 additions, including 3DO, Nintendo 64 and Game Gear Games.

Here’s the list of additions –

Game Gear Hardware

Sega Game Gear Console

Mega Drive Hardware

Sega Mega Drive Master System Converter

UK 3DO Games

Dragon’s Lair
Flying Nightmares
Horde, The
John Madden Football
Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes, The
Mad Dog McCree
Need For Speed, The
Off-World Interceptor
Panasonic 3DO Console
Phoenix 3
Road Rash
Sewer Shark
Shock Wave
Shock Wave – Operation Jumpgate
Star Wars – Rebel Assault
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Super Wing Commander
Total Eclipse
VR Stalker
Wing Commander III – Heart Of The Tiger

UK DS Games

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

UK Game Boy Advance Games

Donkey Kong Country
Pokemon – FireRed Version

UK Game Boy Color Games

Pokemon – Crystal Version – DEAD BATTERY
Super Mario Land 2

UK Game Boy Games

Pokemon – Gold Version – DEAD BATTERY
Pokemon – Silver Version – DEAD BATTERY

UK Game Gear Games

Dragon Crystal
FIFA International Soccer
Madden 96
Micro Machines
Pete Sampras Tennis
Prince Of Persia
Road Rash
Streets Of Rage II
Ultimate Soccer

UK Master System Games

After Burner
Battle Out Run
Dragon Crystal
GP Rider
Out Run
OutRun Europa
Prince Of Persia
Shadow Of The Beast
Xenon 2

UK N64 Games

Jet Force Gemini
Mario Party
Mario Party 2
Mario Party 3
Mario Tennis
South Park
Super Mario 64
Wrestlemania 2000

UK NES Games

Adventures Of Bayou Billy, The
Burai Fighter
Double Dragon III
Duck Hunt
High Speed
Turbo Racing

UK Playstation 2 Games

Grand Theft Auto III – Vice City
Jak And Daxter
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Midway Arcade Treasures
NHL 2000
Soulcalibur II
Taito Legends 2
TimeSplitters 2

UK Playstation Games

CTR: Crash Team Racing
Croc 2
Final Fantasy IX
Metal Gear Solid
Sim City 2000
Warzone 2100

US Game Boy Advance Games

Banjo-Kazooie – Grunty’s Revenge
Pokemon – LeafGreen Version
Pokemon – Sapphire Version – DEAD BATTERY

US Gamecube Games

Beach Spikers – Virtua Beach Volleyball
Mario Golf – Toadstool Tour
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Monkey Ball 2
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

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