10th February 2023 / Latest Updates

For the first update of the month, I’ve added another 77 items, including Nintendo Game Boy, PC Engine and Nintendo Gamecube games.

Before I list the additions, I just wanted to mention that the shop part of the site will be shutting down for around a week from February 27th to March 7th. I might try and squeeze another update in before then, but I’ll see how things go.

In the meantime, here are the new additions:

Atari Jaguar Games

Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story


2 MSX Books

Japanese Nintendo Game Boy Games

Card Game
Double Yakuman
Double Yakuman
Famista 3
Goukaku Boy Series – Shikakui Atama o Marukusuru – Suuji de Asobou Sansuu-Hen
Jantaku Boy
Jinsei Game
Medarot – Kuwagata Version
Sa-Ga 3 – Jikuu no Hasha
SD Command Gundam – G-Arms
SD Command Gundam – G-Arms
SD Gundam Gaiden – Lacroan Heroes
Seiken Densetsu – Final Fantasy Gaiden
Trump Boy
Ultraman Club – Tekikaijuu o Hakken seyo!
Ultraman Club – Tekikaijuu o Hakken seyo!

Nintendo Entertainment System Hardware

Nintendo Zapper Light Gun

PC Engine Games and Consoles

Busou Keiji Cyber Cross
Dragon Spirit
J. League Greatest Eleven
Jaseiken Necromancer
Jinmu Denshō
Kato-chan Ken-chan
Momotaro Dentetsu
Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu PC Bangai Hen
Super Momotaro Dentetsu

Sega Mega Drive Hardware

Japanese Sega Mega Drive I Console
Teqniche Sega Mega Drive Joystick

Sony Playstation Hardware

Sony Playstation Console

UK Nintendo 3DS Games

Asphalt 3D
Lego Star Wars – The Force Awakens
Nintendogs & Cats
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

UK Nintendo Game Boy Advance Games

Mario Golf – Advance Tour
Mario Kart – Super Circuit
NES Classics – Pac-Man
Sonic Advance 2

UK Nintendo Game Boy Color Games

Micro Machines 1 and 2 Twin Turbo
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

UK Nintendo Game Boy Games

Blades Of Steel
Dr. Mario
FIFA 2000
FIFA Soccer 96
Game Boy Gallery
Micro Machines
Pokemon Blue Version
Race Days
Super Mario Land

UK Nintendo Gamecube Games

F-Zero GX
Goldeneye: Rogue Agent
James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing
James Bond 007: Nightfire
Knockout Kings 2003
WWE Wrestlemania X8

UK Sega Master System Games

Marksman Shooting / Trap Shooting / Safari Hunt
PGA Tour Golf
Trivial Pursuit
World Class Leader Board

UK Sony Playstation 2 Games

Gunbird Special Edition

UK Sony Playstation Games

Music 2000
Spyro The Dragon
Strikers 1945 II

UK/PAL Nintendo Entertainment System Games

Blades Of Steel
Days Of Thunder
Four Player Tennis
Mission: Impossible
Rainbow Islands
Shadow Warriors
Simpsons, The – Bart Vs. The Space Mutants
Super Mario Bros. 3
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Top Gun – Second Mission

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