The Snes is a very popular console for both collectors and among retrogamers generally. The console itself was certainly a huge step up from the NES, with a much more reliable and compact design and the harsh corners of the NES giving way to lots of smooth curves. The Snes is still one of the better looking consoles out there. Luckily they are pretty cheap to pick up too – expect to pay around between £10-£15 for a basic set-up from the likes of Ebay or retro sections of Gamestation. Car Boot Sales can be a good source too but be wary of the condition of the machine – check that the machine has a power supply and an aerial cable (although the latter can be replaced easily enough).

Recommended SNES Hardware

  • The Super Nintendo Console itself
  • Power Supply
  • Scart lead (You can use a Scart lead from an N64 or Gamecube if you have one handy)
  • Two official pads. The official pads are extremely good and consequently fetch good prices on Ebay so ideally look to find a Snes that already includes one or two.
  • Multi-tap. Essential for Bomberman sessions.

Other SNES Hardware

  • Mouse. Bundled with Mario Paint but a few other games also use it, like Powermonger
  • Super Scope. Bulky light gun. Not really worth the effort as there are no must-have gun games for the Snes.

Personal Game Recommendations

RPG – Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past, Actraiser, Final Fantasy II & III (US), Super Mario RPG (US)
Racing – Super Mario Kart, F-Zero, Street Racer, Unirally
Platformer – Super Mario World (Can also be found with Super Mario All-Stars bundled on the same cart), Super Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi
Puzzle – Wordtris (US)
Sport – International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
Other – Pilotwings

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